P1 test 06.10.2021

onsdag, 6. oktober klokken 18:00
6. oktober kl. 18:00 til 21:00
Emdrupvej 115A
Emdrupvej 115A, 2400 København, Denmark
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P1 test 06.10.2021
Testing for levels is a part of your Krav Maga training. It’s not mandatory, but highly recommended.
It gives you a goal to strive for and a good chance to get a precise status on what your technical level is.
After the test, you will have individual feedback, and if you passed, you will have a patch you can put on your training pants and a certificate/diploma.
The test is held at Copenhagen Selfdefence, and is 2 hours. Please be there 30 minutes before to warm up and register, as the test is starting on time.
You will be testet in the KMG P1 curriculum. At the test you will work with a partner who is also testing. It’s a good idea to find a test-partner before the test, so you can have a chance to train a little together on beforehand (at the classes). If you have not yet found a partner at the test, the instructor will put you together in pairs.
The test is open to KMG students in Denmark, that has trained at least 4 months (and 40 sessions) and who has a KMG passport. 
The passport is 250 DKK and is a one time investment. This is used to keep track of your gradings, courses, events etc. It also gives you free access to 2 weeks of training per year at KMG schools anywhere in the world, which is nice if you are on a trip or vacation and want to train. KMG is now in 60+ countries.
IMPORTANT: Buy your passport through our SHOP
Please order the passport in good time before the test.
Mouth guard, groin protection and shin guards are mandatory.
Be prepared to work - while having fun!
Price: 300 DKK incl. patch and diploma



  • Pris incl. patch & diploma - 300,00 DKK


Alderskrav: 16 - 99 år


6. oktober 2021 kl. 17:00
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